Li Yizhao

Li Yizhao was transferred to Shenzhen from Guangxi Arts Institute 20 years ago, and she has been engaging in piano education and mass culture work. Having been teaching for 40 years, she has students everywhere, including university professors, graduate students and doctoral supervisors as well as some piano graduate students and doctoral students of famous schools at home and abroad,such as Lin Meichang, Wang Lu, Li Yan, Na Jia etc. In addition to professional students, she also has

many students studying and working in other fields, such as Meng Meng, who is currently the accountant of British Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC), one of the three main accountant agenciesin the world, and the first Chinese playing piano concerto The Yellow River for British audiences.Meng Meng has made a stir in the UK and is honored as a “pianist”.

Li Yizhao’s students have attended piano competition for numerous times and have won many awards. In 2008, her student Wu Danni and Chen Xiting won the third place and the second place in Group C and Group A respectively at The 8 th International Vladimir Horowitz Competition in Ukraine.

In addition to devoting herself to piano teaching, Ms. Li Yizhao has also organized lots of activities. In 1990, she took the lead in conducting piano grading tests and keyboard grading tests until today; in October 1994, approved by Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, she registered at Shenzhen City Administration for Industry & Commerce and established the first private piano art training institution - Shenzhen Yichao Music Training Center, opening a road for the art training industry to
go to the market; in 1998-2000, she conducted Piano Salon on Shenzhen Special Zone Daily for 78 issues, with nearly 10,000 participants. Li Yundi has participated in the salon activity for several times, making it the No.1 among salons. To enhance the faculty level of Shenzhen’s teacher troop, she has invited famous pianists and piano educators at home and abroad to conduct master classes and lectures for a total of 21 sessions; she has successfully organized piano concerts for domestic and overseas young pianists (including Chen Sa, Li Yundi, Bian Meng, Zhou Wenli etc) for a total of 8 sessions; she has successfully organized large-scale piano competition for 11 times and created the largest piano duo (two pianos and four hands) competition nationwide- Shenzhen China Piano Duo (two pianos and four hands) Competition, which is currently the only key event in Shenzhen for forging the “City of Piano”.

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